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About Us




The Three Core Values Proven Process is founded on transpire into everything we do.

With over 10 years in the Process Serving Industry, we strive to provide service that limits the stress involved in civil process. 

As your one-stop-shop we eliminate the hassle in legal service work. With up to five (5) attempts, an extensive network of personnel databases, and some of the most experienced industry professionals, we can fulfill service on any defendant.

                                 License Number 115.002526

Files and Packages

What Sets Us Apart?


Proven Process maintains an extensive network of defendant databases, including exclusive Private Investigator Personnel Indexes. With access to the most exclusive information sources, we can handle the utmost difficult cases.


Our staff of industry professionals are put through rigorous training, that incorporates legal procedure, client and sensitive information management, and much more!


When you work with Proven Process, all our pricing is as advertised, no hidden fees, no latent service charges, NO HASSLE!

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